EM Based Quick Compost Production Process

EM based Quick Compost Production Process

Since 1999 seven small-scale organic fertilizer plants, using the EM based quick
production process have been in operation in Myanmar. They are owned and operated by Women’s Income Generation Groups (WIGG). A unit plant consists of nine pits of 6 ft (l) x 4 ft (w) x 3 ft (d) , enclosed by low walls and covered with roof.

Raw Materials

The raw materials for organic fertilizer production are as follows:

  • Cow dung: 2 portions
  • Rice husk: 1 portion
  • Rice husk/charcoal: 1 portion
  • Rice bran, milled: 1 portion
  • Accelerator: 33 litres of EM solution or Trichoderma solution per pit.

Preparation of EM solution (accelerator)

Firstly one litre of ‘instant solution’ is made by mixing 10 ml EM, 40 ml molasses and
950 ml water and leaving it for five to seven days, depending on temperature. Then the solution is added to one litre of molasses and 98 litres of water to obtain 100 liters of readyto- use EM solution. This amount is enough for three pits. The EM solution functioning as accelerator reduces the composting period from three months to one month.


Firstly, mix all the ingredients, except accelerator. Then make 0.5 ft layer of mixture
in the pit and sprinkle accelerator over. Repeat the same procedure until the pit is full. Cover with plastic sheet. Two or three weeks later, mix the whole pit to boost aerobic decomposition. The fertilizer is ready to use a couple of weeks later. . A pit turns out 900 kg of final product per batch, which are usually packed in 30 kg plastic bags. Assuming that it takes 30 days on average to produce a batch and only eight pits may be used for technical reasons, the annual potential production capacity works out to 86.4 tons (0.9 t x 8 pits x 12 months).

Use of Celluloytic Cultures